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Hmm... I've got a strange and bizarre mind. I know what you're saying, doesn't everyone on the internet? I can say this, I'm not for everyone. It was once said that I've got a razor wit, a dark sarcasm and one hell of a twisted sense of humor. I like horror, I am a folklorist and I smoke.

"Let me share something with you, a secret, We believe what we want to believe....the rest is all smoke and mirrors." - Arnaud de Fohn

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Chance for Laddie

But Warner Bros. blew it!!!!

Straight from Chance Michael Corbitt himself and seconded by Jamison Newlander, is a tale that is almost too horrible to be true. Apparently, there was talk of writing a part for Laddie in ‘The Thirst’. But, due to location issues (filming was in South Africa) flying Chance down to film the part was eventually scrapped due to costs. At one point, though, they did consider [b][i]hiring another actor to take Chance’s place as Laddie!!!![b][i]

Awful or what? Both Chance and Jamison were understandably bummed about Chance not getting to be in ‘The Thirst’, and they were quite pissed about the notion of another actor taking on the role of Laddie. We all know who made it famous. How could Warner Brothers even consider letting another actor do it? Especially when Chance is available and up for grabs?

We were mortified when Chance told us his tale of woe, and we made him a solemn promise. We told him of our board, Marked By The Boys and told him that we would rally our members to sign a petition. If they decide to make a 4th and put Laddie in it, only CHANCE should play him!!!!! In fact, if they make a 4th, Laddie SHOULD be in it…and CHANCE BETTER play him!

So let’s give Chance a Chance!

  • 22 July 2011