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Hmm... I've got a strange and bizarre mind. I know what you're saying, doesn't everyone on the internet? I can say this, I'm not for everyone. It was once said that I've got a razor wit, a dark sarcasm and one hell of a twisted sense of humor. I like horror, I am a folklorist and I smoke.

"Let me share something with you, a secret, We believe what we want to believe....the rest is all smoke and mirrors." - Arnaud de Fohn

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Sailing above the ruins which claimed  the lives of over 3,000, injured 225,000 and amassed $400,000,000 worth  of property damage in 1906, one man photographed the scene using a  relatively-new idea of kite photography.
This  powerful photograph of the San Francisco Bay following the 7.9  magnitude quake captures the west coast just days after the historic  morning where the city woke to mass terror and destruction.
The resulting photograph of George  Lawrence’s camera, souring 2,000 feet above the bay, earned him over  $15,000 at the time for his photograph’s mass publication in newspapers  around the world.
That sum’s equivalent today is approximated to be over $300,000.
The  quake felt as far as Nevada ranks as one of the most significant  earthquakes of all time according to the Berkeley Seismological Lab.
Left  in a state of havoc, the city’s mayor at the time authorized his police  force to shoot ‘to kill any and all persons found engaged in Looting or  in the Commission of Any Other Crime,’ according to a proclamation  published the day of the disaster.
With  his report that all gas and electric companies be turned off until his  order he adds, ‘You may therefore expect the city to remain in darkness  for an indefinite time,’ Mayor E.  E. Schmitz reported, according to the San Francisco Museum, advising all  to stay indoors after nightfall until ‘order is returned.’
  • 11 February 2012
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